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A thank-you note from a client

Release time: 2017-11-21


A thank-you note from a client


  The 12th International Congress of Ecology was held in Beijing, August 20-25, 2017. The theme of the congress is Ecology and Civilization in a Changing World, and over 2400 experts, scholars and delegates from 73 countries and regions attended.

   HEALIFE, as the leading professional medical conference organizer in China, provided overall business solutions and managed to support the Congress successfully with preparation for almost a year. Specifically, HEALIFE was detail oriented throughout the whole process, including congress planning, website design, sponsorship management, register and so on. The main organizer of the congress gave thanks to the professional execution team during the closing ceremony for their highly effective service and support. Furthermore, a thank-you note was sent to HEALIFE for the effort paid during this congress.

   HEALIFE has been highlighting the brand value of meeting customer demand from the founding day. With the mission of promoting the innovation and development of China’s medical industry, the company is determined to be the most professional medical conference organization. Trust and reputation have been earned from clients including medical associations, doctor associations, hospitals and medical institutes among the 200+ large international conferences and regional conferences every year held by HEALIFE. Possessing 30 self-owned and cooperative medical conference brands covering over 60 academies and associations, HEALIFE has become the only conference company focused on health care industry, the only conference company capable of planning, investment attraction and operating total conference solution in the field of medical conference, and the only NEEQ-listed enterprise in the field of medical conference.



   “Where there is a will, there is a way.” HEALIFE will make persistent efforts improving working methods in order to provide better service experience. In the meantime, sense of brand mission will be enhanced. Specifically, the company will try its best to build the world stage for Chinese academia and to promote the innovation and development of China’s medical industry.

   At the end of the thank-you note, Ecological Society of China states, “We hope to work closely and make progresses with you together in the events to come.” HEALIFE also wishes to work with other institutes and academies in future by providing highly effective medical conference service experience in order to be the leader in medical conference industry.