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Healife®Group Co., Ltd. Gangzhou Operation Center officially established!

Release time: 2017-10-09


Healife®Group Co., Ltd. Gangzhou Operation Center officially established!


Healife®Group Co., Ltd. Gangzhou Operation Center officially established!

Guangzhou is the capital of guangdong province, national center city, giant city, southern command headquarters.Is positioning of the international metropolis of the state council, the international trade center, the international comprehensive transport hub, the national comprehensive gateway city, national famous historical and cultural city.Since the qin dynasty, guangzhou in south China has been the political, military, economy, culture and science and education center.Since the 230 s guangzhou has become the main port of maritime silk road, become China's first port during the tang and song dynasty, the Ming and qing dynasties become the only foreign trade port in China.

Guangzhou is one of the world's most authoritative world city research institutes GaWC as the world's major cities;Five times by Forbes as China's best business city first.Guangzhou headquarters economic development capacity in China in the first three, investment of foreign-funded enterprises in guangzhou up to 2.7 m;500 the world top 500 enterprises, of which 120 the headquarters or regional headquarters in guangzhou.Guangzhou Internet companies more than 3000, was born the WeChat, Vipshop, YY voice, cool dog music, netease, UC browser, etc.Guangzhou the third industry share of GDP reached 68.56%.

Operations center was formally established in guangzhou marks the courtyard exhibition national process further, radiation guangdong, guangxi, fujian, yunnan and hainan, the south China area to provide more choices, the establishment of the guangzhou operations center will open courtyard exhibition operation of a new chapter in south China area, courtyard exhibition will be through the guangzhou operation center, optimize their business channels in southern China region construction, intensify branding and promotion, deeply rooted in south China market, at the same time, also its advanced business philosophy and rich experience in office will combined with geographical and resource advantages of southern China, excavating local potential demand, for the broad masses of medical units and medical practitioners in southern China to provide more excellent service.

This summer, the courtyard was established from the operations center to the successful completion of the tens of millions of set, and then to through in the management and service standards organization review meeting in Shanghai, as the only focus on the big meeting company in the field of health care, medical exhibition areas only have planning, investment, operation and the overall solution meeting company medical conference field the only new three board listed company (stock code: 836148), courtyard exhibition is step by step from the regional convention and exhibition companies, type transformation become the convention and exhibition company, the specification itself, accelerating the process of development, through constructing the medical conference communication platform, constantly promote regional innovation and development of medical industry, set up the courtyard brand style.

Courtyard exhibition will expect courtyard standard service mode and mature experience in office will bring medical industry of the country's workers, through the layout of the national area, promote the competitiveness of the industry, courtyard exhibition will use the convention and exhibition industry in guangzhou location advantage, strive to build another model operation center, become the courtyard exhibition in the south China and even the whole country in a bright business card.

The foreseeable is, in the courtyard exhibition in the process of the way toward the national layout, will will inevitably face more challenges.\"Skip over the waves will sometimes, direct sea\" sea in full sail, courtyard exhibition will turn challenges into opportunities, better improve their own corporate image, more standardized and efficient power medicine industry, with the strength to prove myself, based in the country, strive to become a medical conference organization in the industry can not be replaced.

Courtyard exhibition strategy implementation of the national layout, cannot leave every team member's support, hope to continue operations center in guangzhou courtyard exhibition always professional, rigorous and efficient style of work, down-to-earth go hand in hand with the operation center, development innovation.Jointly promote project and product brand promotion, further enhance the visibility and influence of courtyard exhibition!