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Healife®Group Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Operation Center officially established!

Release time: 2017-08-30


Healife®Group Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Operation Center officially established!


Hangzhou is the political, economic and cultural center of Zhejiang Province, which has advantaged regional advantages and perfect exhibition public service guarantee system. In recent years, with the success of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Hangzhou exhibition industry development is ever-changing, strong exhibition platform and rich conference resources will be gradually played in Hangzhou to create a wide range of "exhibition capital." The establishment of Hangzhou Operation Center is an important strategy to consolidate the status of medical exhibition in east China, and will help to improve the innovation of Hangzhou medical Academic conference.


The official establishment of Hangzhou Operation Center marks the quickening of the national process of Healife®Group, if the success of International intelligent medical innovation forum——Hangzhou station is to promote and promote the "Healife®" brand opened a window, the establishment of Hangzhou Operation Center is to open a new door for Healife®Group. In addition to assisting the Shanghai headquarters to carry out the project, we hope to promote the innovation and development of medical academic conference in east China through Hangzhou Operation Center.

This summer, Healife®Group from the establishment of the Operation Center to Successfully completed the first round of tens of millions of Directional Add-Issuance, and then through "Shanghai Conference Management and Service Standards Organization" re-evaluation, as the only conference company focused on the field of health care, the only conference company with planning, investment and operation overall solution in the field of medical Convention and exhibition, the only new over-the-counter market enterprises in the field of medical conference (stock code: 836148), Healife®Group is a step-by-step from the regional exhibition company transformation into a national exhibition company, in the standardization of their own, accelerated development process, through the establishment of medical Conference exchange platform, We continuously promote the innovation and development of medical industry in various regions and establish brand style.

Healife®Group expects to bring the service model of the courtyard and the experience of the mature office to the workers in the national medical profession. By expanding the layout of the national area, enhance the competitiveness of the industry, Healife®Group will use the Hangzhou exhibition industry location advantages, and strive to create another model operation center, to become Healife®Group of the exhibition in East China and even the country a dazzling business card.

Predictably, it will inevitably face more challenges in the course of a step-by-step process towards national layout. "A time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves, I will set my cloud-white sail and cross the sea which raves", Healife®Group will change the challenge into opportunity to better enhance their corporate image, more standardized and efficient medical industry, with the strength to prove themselves, based on the country, and strive to become the Medical conference organization industry irreplaceable.

The strategy implementation of the national layout of Healife®Group is inseparable from the support of every team member, and hope that Hangzhou Operation Center can continue to be a professional, rigorous and efficient style, down-to-earth with the operation centers, pioneering and innovative. Jointly promote project development and product brand promotion, and further improve the popularity and influence of the Healife®Group!