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Company Benefits

Five social insurances and housing found, two days off per week and annual leave.

Good pay system, competitive payment and benefits.

Various bonuses, including year-end bonus, attendance bonus, merit bonus, and all kinds of allowance, including housing allowance, communication allowance.

Human-based management, comfortable working environment and excellent working atmosphere.

Vacations and benefits and wedding favors.

Plenty of training courses.

Chances for internal transfer and promotion.

A rich mixture of team building activities (monthly birthday party, weekly sports, team building).


    • Conference Project Specialist


      Job responsibilities:
      1. Responsible for conference project planning, organization and execution.
      2. Participate in budgeting, proposing designs and managing the suppliers.
      3. Deal with emergency situation of the conference site in time
      4. Complete tracing analysis and project reports after every project.

      1. Three years of working experience in conference industry, more than one year's experience of managing whole cases successfully.
      2. Communication and writing skills in both English and Mandarin (Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English and Mandarin, TEM8 is preferred)
      3. Willing to face challenges, high sense of responsibility
      4. Familiar with office skills, excellent learning capacity

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